BLANKE PERMAT protects tiles and saves time and money. For use as a reinforcing underlayment for tile and stone in industrial and private environments on all substrates – from new and old screeds to wood floors – and also combinable with a wide variety of tile formats. Thanks to the glass fibre mesh and multilayer structure the system boasts high adhesive bonding values as well as resistance to bending, tensile and compressive loads. This allows floorings to be laid earlier, as any deflections in shape are not transferred to the upper floor covering; in addition, it is the key product for the floor systems BLANKE PERMATOP and BLANKE PERMATFLOOR.

Blanke Permat Avis technique

Your advantages

  • guarantees maximum safety for your building project
  • saves a lot of time and money (i. e. upon renovations)
  • no cavities, no hollow sound, high tensile strength
  • can be used in rooms with a traffic load up to 7.5 kN/m2
  • high point load resistant because of solid fixing

Technical drawings

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