BLANKE BASEMAX is a lightweight levelling compound used to create an even composite substrate prior to laying BLANKE PERMAT, BLANKE PERMATFLOOR and BLANKE PERMATOP. The 2-component system consists of a lightweight filler made of expanded glass granulate and a cementitious binder. This lightweight levelling compound makes it possible to level uneven surfaces from 5 to 100 mm in indoor areas. It is particularly lightweight, quick drying and ready for laying coverings on after just 12 hours. Subsequently, it is possible to quickly install a tiled surface on the Blanke products BLANKE PERMAT, BLANKE PERMATFLOOR and BLANKE PERMATOP.


Your advantages

  • Mixing ratio by weight 1:1
  • Lightweight, low static load
  • Good coverage due to a high proportion of lightweight ingredients
  • 2-component mix creates permanent, fixed bonding
  • Quick-drying
  • Ready for laying after 12 hours
  • Application rate: roughly 4.8 kg/m² per cm of thickness

Expert's tip

  • The structure of the filler ensures a very low weight per area. BLANKE BASEMAX is about 75% lighter than conventional screeds.
  • Pipes / cables already installed on the bare floor can also be incorporated or laid appropriately.

BLANKE BASEMAX, component A (binder) Art.-Nr. 288-900 (1 bag 25 kg, Mixing ratio A+B by weight 1:1 PU: 1 piece)BLANKE BASEMAX, component B (lightweight filler) Art.-Nr. 287-900 (1 bag 12,5 kg, Mixing ratio A+B by weight 1:1 PU: 1 piece)