Blanke LEVITO Starter Sets incl. display

BLANKE LEVITO is a three piece tool set to avoid overlapping, especially with large tiles and slabs. The Starter Set consists of T-shaped pulling plates (100 pieces), tensioning wedges (100 pieces) and pliers that can be adjusted for tile thickness FROM 5 to 15 mm. The optimum tensioning distance is adjusted by setting the tile thickness on the pliers. By pressing the pliers the T-shaped pulling plate is pressed from below against the underside of the tile, bringing the top side of the tiles exactly up to the same height. The driven-in wedge fixes the position until the tile adhesive has hardened. Subsequently, the upper part of the T-piece is snapped off at the pre-marked break-off point. At the same time this upright piece functions as a spacer for a uniform pattern of joints.

Size of the display in cm (WxHxD): 63x153x31  Art-Nr. 253-900

Blanke_Levito_Starter-SetsBLANKE LEVITO Starter Sets incl. display