The BLANKE SELF-ADHESIVE TRANSITION PROFILE provides a simple and clean stepless transition from a tiled surface to a carpet, parquet or other style of floor covering. The transition profiles boast a high quality glue with an unusually powerful adhesive strength. The adhesive quality is retained even in the face of extreme expansion. Thermal stability is guaranteed from − 30 °C to + 80 °C.


How to apply

Cut the profile to the desired width being careful to avoid contact between the blade and the adhesive. Once the metal side of the profile is cut, use a scissors to cut the adhesive. Remove the protective cellophane from the adhesive back. Align the profile over the transition and press it firmly onto the surfaces. After a few minutes, the profile will adhere to the surfaces. Remove the protective wrap from the upper side of the profile.

Material, Colour


Stainless steel
nature (280)

Technical drawings

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