This innovative linear drain is an impressive sealing-water-free system that features unique drainage technology with an integrated drainage lock and a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. The drainage lock is fitted with a thin silicone flap which serves to permanently protect against odours. The passage to the drainage pipe remains fully sealed and odour-free even during long periods of non-use. The self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is fitted in the factory and can be stuck to the substrate without requiring more glue, and can also be integrated into the self-adhesive BLANKE DISK waterproofing system.

Your advantages

  • Multi-functional, height adjustable grid (stainless steel/can be tiled) for an elegant and discreet appearance
  • Unique drainage technology
  • Simple cleaning thanks to a drainage lock that can be easily removed
  • No unpleasant odours - seal water-free system
  • Integrated sealing membrane and EPS installation and protection block for the highest level of reliability
  • Protective core as a dirt stop and tile stop

Technical drawings – Download