Blanke DIBA-LINE+ (Linear Drainage System)

Linear drainage system including BLANKE AQUA profiles. The clever system solution BLANKE DIBA-LINE+ is perfectly suitable for floor-level showers and ensures fast and uncomplicated installation of the linear drain with a very low installation height starting at 54 mm.

Your advantages

  • quick and easy installation of the linear drainage system of currently the lowest installation height of 54 mm onwards
  • maximum safety: Perfect sealing due to manufacturerintegrated waterproofing fabric for an easy transition to adjacent waterproofing matting and tapes.
  • approved for all tile sizes and formats
  • quick and easy cleaning thanks to removable and patent-registered siphon
  • clean and hygienic solution by the possibility of using large-sized tiles
  • integrated water stop provides an optimal regulation of the flush of water and water level
  • integrated hair sieve prevents the drain from being blocked by hair
  • ideal for residential renovations and new constructions as well as for commercial projects
  • various extras (i. e. soap bowl or odour lock during holidays or longer period of absence)
  • diagonal cuts of wall tiles are no longer necessary
  • gradient cuts of floor tiles are no longer necessary – possibility of using large-sized tiles