The BLANKE DIBA-LINE EC linear drain with compelling, unique drain technology that is easy to clean and also functions without sealing water. A thin silicone flap serves as a permanent odour trap, whereby the EC series seals the drain pipe even when there is a longer period without use. As with the other Blanke linear drains the waterproofing membrane is integrated and the BLANKE DIBA composite sealing can be applied easily and reliably. Clever assistants such as the EPS installation and protection block and a height-adjustable stainless steel grate make the installation far easier.


The innovative linear drainage system

  • Easy cleaning (EC)
  • Unique drainage technique
  • Long lasting odour trap without seal water
  • EPS-Installation and protection block
  • Protective core as dirt stop and tile stop
Long lasting odour trap without seal water

Technical drawings – Download