Blanke DIBA-CUBE vertical

The elegant point drainage system BLANKE DIBA-CUBE as a vertical drain variation, perfect for floor-level showers. Featuring a rubber seal with factory-fitted self-adhesive sealing fleece and height-adjustable frame (5 – 15 mm), BLANKE DIBA-CUBE also has an integrated second drainage level. With an adjustable siphon for a seal water height up to max. 50 mm incl. design cover. Drain capacity of 30 l/min. Additional fire protection: The BLANKE FIRE PROTECTION COLLAR protects the drain to fire resistance class R90.


Your advantages

  • Elegant look

  • Drainage housing can be shortened

  • Rubber seal with built in sealing membrane

  • Screed protection cap

  • Removable syphon

Technical drawings – Download