BLANKE PERMATOP 1000/3000 is an innovative floor construction system that makes use of the advantages offered by an EPS based panel with factory bonded heat diffusion plate and the huge pressureresistant stability of the decoupling mat BLANKE PERMAT. This unique combination facilitates an extremely thin construction without having to forego rapid and even heat distribution. 


The most important advantages of the floor heating and cooling system

  • extremely fast reaction period (you can feel warmth after only 5 minutes)

  • time-saving as you can spare up to 4 weeks of construction period (because it can be installed without mortar)

  • thinnest possible floor heating system of its kind – Blanke PERMATOP 3000 has only 30 mm of construction height (compare images 1 and 2)

  • multipurpose floor heating and cooling system facilitates a perfect installation of parquet, laminate, carpet (at the same height as the ceramic floor covering)

  • installation without the usual moisture on the construction site (e.g. due to mortar)

  • time and money-saving – the tile setter can install this floor heating and cooling system without the mortar installer

  • no mortar expansion joints – tile setter can install the expansion joints in the ceramic floor covering according to his choice and the current regulations

  • very good heat distribution due to an installation of the heat conducting metal on the whole floor

  • easy to install

The different system-packages

BLANKE PERMATOP 1000Special for renovations, for traffic-loads of up to 5.0 kN/m² thickness of the system: 35 mm

BLANKE PERMATOP 3000Special for renovations, for traffic-loads of up to 2.0 kN/m² thickness of the system: 31 mm

System accessories (incl. in the price):

BLANKE PERMATOP: Systemkomponenten

1. BLANKE PERMATOP – straight element2. BLANKE PERMATOP – curved element / BLANKE PERMATOP – EPS board (related to order)3. BLANKE PERMATOP – edge insulating strip4. BLANKE PERMATOP – heating tube 16 x 2 mm5. BLANKE GLUEMAX – special fast-curing dispersion adhesive6. BLANKE PERMAT – uncoupling and support system7. Alternative material: BLANKE PERMATOP WOOD – wood fibre insulation boardOptional system accessories:

A In addition to the system, maintenance-free profiles for the edge and expansion joints, such as the BLANKE CORNEX and the BLANKE FLOOREX are available.B Profiles for the wall, skirtings and border profiles in different colours and material versions, such as the BLANKE Triangular Tile Trim profile and the BLANKE Quarter Circle Tile Trim are available, go here to BLANKE CUBELINE.

Technical drawings

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Cross-section of the BLANKE PERMATOP
Cross-section of normal floor heating systems
Temperature profile BLANKE PERMATOP