Blanke ELOTOP+

The latest generation of electric underfloor heating. BLANKE ELOTOP+ is suitable for use as the main heating system as well as a supplementary heating to provide perfect temperature control of all tile and natural stone coverings – including in wet areas such as in floor level showers. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor in each individual room it is easily possible
to regulate the desired temperature to suit your needs. When renovating or refurbishing there is no need to extend the central heating system at huge cost, because it is possible to install the BLANKE ELOTOP+ retrospectively and without any difficulty during renovation work.


Invisible comfort

Ideal floor heating 
BLANKE ELOTOP+ can be used as main heating system as well as supplementary heating for all floor areas. The temperature can be regulated individually in every room due to the integrated temperature sensor.
At renovation there is no neeed to make an expensive extensions of the existing heating system, because BLANKE ELOTOP+ can be installed easily afterwards. From now on cold areas belong to the past because, no matter how individual your ground plan is. BLANKE ELOTOP+ can be used in wet areas, for example in walk-in showers. BLANKE ELOTOP+ owes the VDE-License – the guarantee for a save and high-quality product.

Gesunde Wärme

The floorheating BLANKE ELOTOP+ produces a very pleasant radiant heat, like the sun's heat. The room is heated gently from the bottom up, so that only a minimal temperature difference between floor and ceiling height and no allergens are stirred up. House dust allergies can breathe in the true sense of the word.

Nearly elektrosmog free 
The innovative two-wire heating system BLANKE ELOTOP+ provides a magnetic neutralization, so that hardly any electrosmog is created. The permissible limit for magnetic radiation from the Federal Pollution Control Act is exceeded many times over.

Technical data

Voltage: 230 V AC
Power mat: 160 W/m²
Power line voltage: max. 12 W/m
Width of mat: 0.50 m
Measure of line voltage: Ø 3.0 mm
Bending radius: mind. 30 mm
Limittemperature: + 80°C
Protective measur: FI-protective circuit: 30 mA
Fuse: 10 A (B-Charakteristic)
Access line: 4.00 m
Testing voltage: 2.000 – 4.000 V
Carrier material: glass grid fabric, self adhesive

Technical drawings

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