Blanke DIBA

Approved by the (German) building inspectorate, the BLANKE DIBA waterproofing system fulfills the requirements. Fleece laminated on both sides the waterproofing membrane is a waterproofing material in sheet form for use in conjunction with tiles and slabs. The waterproofing membrane is suitable for waterproofing indoor rooms; there are appropriately harmonized
waterproofing tapes, waterproofing collars and a diverse range of moulded parts available to supplement the waterproofing system. BLANKE DIBA-COLL sealant is available for butt joints and is a successfully tested system component. It is also possible to use BLANKE DIBA in outdoor areas according to the suitability of the material properties.

Your advantages

  • Excellent tried-and-trusted waterproofing membrane for composite sealing with ceramic surfaces
  • Tiling work can be carried out without long waiting periods
  • Long-term waterproofing even for butt joints
  • The layer thickness is retained in every situation
  • Has a crack bridging effect


For efficient and watertight adhesion use BLANKE DIBA-COLL universal sealant and adhesive and BLANKE DIBA-COLL ZSD

Variants and accessories