BLANKE PERMATOP WOOD is based on individual heating elements made of wood fibre insulation boards with an aluminium heat diffusion plate bonded ex works across the whole surface area. BLANKE PERMATOP WOOD is the sustainable version of BLANKE PERMATOP. The insulating layer consists of wood fibres. In addition to other freight regulations relating to BLANKE PERMATOP, service charges amounting to € 75.00 will be levied for a purchased quantity up 10 m2 and € 50.00 up to 20 m2.

BLANKE PERMATOP WOOD, Pipe spacing 25.0 cm
Art. no. 651-900-4000-25
PU: 1 set

BLANKE PERMATOP WOOD, Pipe spacing 12.5 cm
Art. no. 651-900-4000-12
PU: 1 set