Blanke DIBA-LINE 2.0

BLANKE DIBA-LINE 2.0 is a stainless steel drainage channel with a factory-fitted BLANKE DIBA waterproofing membrane. With a very low height of 54 mm the new linear drain is especially suitable for low installation heights. The integrated connections (DN 40) for drain pipes with a push-fit system are made of stainless steel. The channel with DN 50 connection option is available with a height of 72 mm. The BLANKE DIBA-LINE 2.0 linear drain with a drain capacity of 37 l/min (0.61 l/s) is a component of the self-adhesive BLANKE DIBA waterproofing system.


Wichtige Hinweise:

  • Simple and reliable to install, thanks to clever installation accessories

  • Easy maintenance thanks to intelligent features

System components

BLANKE DIBA-Line 2.0: System components

1 Body with factory-fitted integrated waterproofing membrane2 Protective core3 Siphon4 Installation blockStainless steel frame6 Multifunctional stainless steel grate7 Grate height adjusters

Please note that components 5, 6, and 7 are not included in the scope of delivery!